March 14, 2016

Seasonal cleaning!


Let’s dedicate time to seasonal cleaning. We are asking you to clear out your underwear closet.

The majority of us wait till we travel abroad to update our underwear, but that is no longer the case.

We have created a platform for you, so no more excuses.

There are so many embarrassing, sentimental and gross reasons why we should get rid of the

following in your closet:

  1. The pair with the unraveling waistband.
  1. The period undies with hideous stains.
  1. The stretched-out pair that is over five years old
  1. The sentimental panties from EXs.
  1. The too-small pair due to weight gain
  1. Loose elastic pairs.

Likewise, it is sensible, cost effective and hygienic to keep the following:

  1. The sexy, lacy thong for that hot date.
  1. The nude pair that goes with every white dress.
  1. Cotton pairs in good conditions.
  1. Boy shorts for bedtime
  1. The trashy pair for that special occasion
  1. The unstained period panties
  1. The perfectly-fitting pairs

Let’s get going. Happy cleaning!

Team LuLu Lingerie


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February 24, 2016

Why Intimate Apparel? Why Underwear?


Personally, we are obsessed with intimate apparel. The name LuLu Lingerie came naturally for us, but most importantly, L stands for Love and Lingerie and the U stands for YOU. The name LuLu Lingerie simply highlights what we love: lingerie and people—you!

This week’s questionnaire for you to answer asks: Where do you shop for your bras, underwear, and socks? When was the last time you actually purchased NEW undergarments? Are you wearing the right size bra? Is it supporting you? Is it comfortable?

Studies have found that 70% of women do not know their proper bra size or wear the wrong bra size. The majority of us cannot confidently answer the questions above. Some patronize second-hand markets (Okrika) because we presume boutiques are overly expensive. We can assure you that our beautiful stores have a wide range of products at affordable prices.

Our expert bra-fitting specialists are on standby to assist you with finding the perfect fit for you. Shop with us! We provide solutions to everyday inner wear needs and for that special moment. We help women, men, and youth feel confident and comfortable.

With gratitude,

Team LuLu Lingerie

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