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August 13, 2017

Lulu Lingerie’s Alluring Bra Range is A Must Check-out Option

Though bra is an essential part of a woman’s intimate apparels collection, every woman faces difficulty in finding a perfect fitting bra for herself. While many have the little know-how of the perfect bra type for their body, others find difficulty finding their perfect one in the market.

A perfect fitting bra can not only uplift a woman’s personality but can also make her feel comfortable all day long in her perfect outlook. A bra should also be chosen depending on the attire as all the apparels do not look good with the same bra. For example, if you are wearing something off-shoulder, then you need a strapless bra and so on.

With so many varieties of bra available, most of the women seem to be literally confused in selecting the right bra for themselves, while many are unaware of all the varieties of bras that exist. Hence, for any woman who desires to get that perfect fitting bra to uplift her persona, she should definitely have the knowledge of the various types of bras that are available in the market and their purpose and advantages.

The next hurdle in the process is to find the perfect one. Not all the lingerie stores stock every type of bra. Most of them are equipped with only best selling or the popular bras only. If your perfect fitting bra lies in the popular category then you need not worry. But, if it doesn’t then you are caught in trouble.

Hence, in order to solve the problem of every woman, Lulu Lingerie brings the exclusive range of bras suitable for every body type and size. Here’s a brief overlook of the varieties of bras one can find and easily shop at affordable price at Lulu lingerie store.

  • Planning to wear low cut shirts? Then, shop some fascinating varieties of cleavage bra at Lulu lingerie for a sexy outlook with your polished cleavage. With extra padding and comfortable cup lines, this bra variety is for those who want to enhance their breast size and optimize their cleavage.
  • Lulu Lingerie‘s exclusive natural boost demi bra collection is for those women who have got the shallow breasts. The design of the bra is made to set and mound your breasts to a better shape.
  • You need more support and coverage for your breasts if you are the one with larger ones. Lulu lingerie‘s extra coverage bras are for those busty women who are afraid of wearing the sexy lingerie. Apart from being stylish, these bras are made to offer extra support for your breasts.
  • If you are looking for something to wear under your sexy off shoulder gown or want a perfect fit T-shirt bra for your routine, then Lulu Lingerie can be the perfect place to find the best one in an affordable range.
  • The shop has something really good for mothers as well with high quality nursing bras that are designed with wider bands, softer cups and a desired flap which can be opened easily for feeding the baby.

This is not all, you can just get to the store right now to find out various other amazing varieties of bras as well. The size guide on the site will help you find the perfect fitting bra for yourself you can also shop bras by brands and categories.

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lulu store
August 13, 2017

What Makes LuLu Lingerie the Best Store to Buy Your Basics?

Buying the sexiest, stylish and the most important of all, the right fit lingerie doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience any longer as we now have the online stores to help. While many feel uncomfortable talking about their size and style of lingerie at a physical store, many end up continuing with the same boring lingerie for longer periods of time to avoid the fuss of buying lingerie at a store. Online shopping of lingerie makes more sense and adds shopping comfort for such people. It enables them to explore vivid varieties of their basics to find out the best and the right fit lingerie for themselves.

Yes, in today’s era there are several online lingerie shops around the internet which are certainly the best places to hunt down your next bra or basics. One, but certainly the best of them is Lulu Lingerie.

Size, style, skin tone, preference or budget whatever be the constraints guiding your lingerie shopping this time, you shall find your perfect fit and the most desired lingerie at LuLu Lingerie shop.

Here are a few important things about this lingerie shop that makes it the best lingerie store for online shopping.

  • Your Most Desired Lingerie is at Your Fingertips – The best online store is the one that allows its customers to easily and quickly locate the product that he/she is searching for and Lulu Lingerie does the same for you. It allows you to browse the entire store for the product you are looking for right from its home page through its search bar. You just have to enter the product you are looking for and the list of the matching products appears right in front of your eyes. Hence, you need not browse through the entire store and various categories to locate what you are looking for and experience a time saving and easy shopping process.
  • Shop by Brand – Adding to the convenience of easy shopping, LuLu Lingerie also allows you to find your most desired basics according to the brand you prefer the most. Yes, you can now easily find lingerie or inner clothing essentials from multiple renowned brands right at one place. No need to explore the online shop of every brand. You get them all right here at a click.
  • Lingerie for Every Body Type & Every One – Lulu Lingerie is a family shop that has got inner wear essentials for every one – women, men and also kids. So, now your entire family can find their clothing basics right here at a single shop. Whatever be your body type whether pear shaped, cylindrical or any other, you can find your inner wear clothing necessities at this online store. The lingerie shop stocks even the plus-size lingerie in stylish and elegant designs allowing the fat women to buy their inner wear necessities easily and the in the way they want.
  • Find Lingerie in Elaborate Designs and Sizes
  • Finding lingerie in the desired design and a perfect size can be bit daunting task. But, now with so many designs, sizes, colors and fabrics available, LuLu Lingerie makes lingerie shopping experience more comfortable for its customers. One can easily shop lingerie they want in stylish designs and comfort sizes here.
  • Sizing Guide for Right Fit Lingerie Shopping
  • One of the best things about this online shop is that it guides to your best fit lingerie size with four different sizing guides – bra sizing guide, knickers sizing guide, hosiery sizing guide and sizing guide for sleepwear. These sizing guides can correct your lingerie size notions and guide you to find the right and the most comfortable inner wear essentials best fit for your body type.
  • Gift Cards for Dear Ones

One can also gift their dear and near ones with LuLu Lingerie‘s gift cards so that they too can have a perfect lingerie shopping experience.

At Lulu Lingerie, you can locate your inner wear according to brand, style, budget, size and body type. It gives you a time saving and efficient lingerie shopping experience so that you can dress up yourself in the most comfortable and stylish lingerie to make your everyday a better day.

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