Apr 19, 2016

Best Brands & Body Types

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There are thousands of bra brands and styles out there. We know because we carry many of them. So, how should you narrow down which brand is best for you?

The best advice we can give you is, know your body type and the shape of your breast. Equally keep in mind that FIT is more important than SIZE. That one-time measurement doesn’t stay with you forever. Your bra size and fit also vary within a brand.

Below are our suggestions for the three main body types:

Petite size: These are smaller-cup-size ladies. Sizes generally range from AAA-B cups. Women who wear petite sizes need bras that provide very little support, like a bralette, bandeau, plunge bra and demicup bra. Enhancing bras that create a bigger-looking bust are also recommended, like a push-up and/or padded bra. The below brands are best recommended for this body type, as they manufacture the styles mentioned.

Average Size: These are mid-size-cup ladies. Their sizes range from C-F cups. They mostly need an everyday, supportive bra, like an underwire t-shirt bra or padded half-cup bras. Below are the best brands for average-cup-size women.

Full-Figure Size: These are busty, curvy woman. Their size mostly ranges from G-K Cups. Front closure bras, wireless bras, full coverage bras and longline bras are excellent for the fuller-figured woman. Below are the best brands for this body size.

  • Just My Size
  • Hanes -Plus size
  • Maidenform- ShapeWear
  • Bali-Plus size
  • Shock Absorber- Sport Bra

So when you visit our stores, please relax and start with the suggested brand that fits your body type. Then try different styles within the brands in a few sizes.

Happy shopping!


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