May 15, 2017

Lingerie Fabric: Know the Fabric!

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Fabrics determine the final look and feel of any lingerie garment. They are close to your skin and need to be considered carefully as some can cause skin rashes, itching, thrush, and infections. The right fabric in the wrong weather can also ruin your day.

For our climate, natural fibers such as cotton jersey, performance jersey, and bamboo are excellent. They wick away moisture and adjust to our body temperature. Nylon Spandex-Lycra, which is also great, generally comes in sheer, matte finish, stretch, and shiny; these determine how the finish styles move with our body. Authentic silk/silk jersey are also great because they give a luxurious effect to any lingerie style. Lace made with cotton or linen is wonderful.

Avoid synthetic fibers such as polyester and rayon. They look like silk, but they are not silk. They irritate the skin and are itchy, especially for sensitive skin. They trap moisture in and increase body odor.
At LuLu, the choice of fabric is important to us. We carefully consider the options and choose the right fabric and fiber for you and our weather in Nigeria. It’s not just about the look; the clothes need to breathable and comfortable. They also need to perform well for our hot climate environment.

While you are focusing on the look, style, and price while making your next online or in-store purchase, read the style/product description section and care label for fabric information. Stay informed with LuLu, because we care.

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January 03, 2017

Sports Bra


Splurging on bras for different types of workouts may seem indulgent, but they really can help your performance -the one that keeps you Jiggle-free while running may be too constricting during Pilates and Yoga. At the very least, you need backups between laundry days. Below are suggested type of Sports Bra every Lady should own.

• Hidden Pocket- This functional style lets you stash a few essentials (Locker keys, cash) while on        the go
• High-Impact- Never wriggle in or out of your gear again: the zipper makes changing easy
• Anti-chafe- Special seams let you kick ass without any skin irritation that comes with it
• For the Pool- A treated fabric fights off chlorine damage and won’t lose shape in the wash
• Adjustable Straps- Bring your fashion savvy to yoga class with graphic color block
• Removable cups- adjustable boobs for more alluring profile
• Odor-Proof- Natural silver salts kills nasty microorganisms to keep you smelling like a rose (or at      least not awful)
• Moisture Wicking- Hate feeling sweaty? This breathable material pulls moisture right off the skin

Check the above list, Tick the ones you have that are still in good condition. And for the ones you do not have, run over to our store or visit www.lululingerie.ng to start buying. Happy shopping!

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